About Our Auction

A reliable source

As a member of Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, much of our inventory has been maintained at our Hitachi service centers and have been inspected by our experienced team of sales and mechanics.

A large variety

Out inventory consists of all types and brands of heavy machinery in Japan, such as excavators, wheel - loaders, cranes, and road equipment.

Online Bidding

All types of our auctions can be participated online. Bids can be placed from anywhere in the world.

Bidding Up Auctions

Parade Auctions

On-Site (Tokyo/Kobe)

A real-time event in which machines parade in front of an audience to facilitate bidding. Bidders display bidding cards to purchase the exhibited machinery at the prices suggested by a conductor.

Bidding Up Auctions

Live Auctions


An auction style where each exhibit shown online and auctioned individually.

Bidding Up Auctions

Internet Auctions


An online bidding - up auction . Multiple exhibits shown and auctioned in real time

Closed Bidding

Tender Auctions


Bidder who submits the highest bid within a set period of time wins the lot.